Beauty Review: Could It Be Magic?

Lady Boss Review Theresa Beauty

Theresa Beauty have over 30 years of experience in facial and slimming. Our Deputy Editor Liyana Stuart reviews the Magic Peel Treatment to learn more.

Theresa Beauty- led by 2 generations of LadyBosses- Madam Theresa Ong and her daughter Sandra Koh, is on stranger to the industry. For over 30 years, Theresa Beauty has believed in achieving beauty on the outside but also feeling beautiful on the inside, It prides itself in a calming atmosphere, customized massages, and treatments to invigorate the mind and body.

Personal Touch

Founder Madam Theresa can still be seen in her salons, mingling with customers, and often giving her personal touch with her signature facial.

It is for this reason that many customers have been loyal to Theresa Beauty. The spa and beauty business is extremely competitive, with hundreds of players in the market.

The Magic Peel Treatment comprises of a magical deep exfoliation with an intense firming and whitening effect with bamboo  particulates and aloe vera for a healing and anti-aging activation.

“Can i have more tea?”

First impressions- they were friendly and generous. I was greeted by the nice lady at the counter, and given a cup of their Teatox tea. It was so good i kept filling me up with more on request. I might have had about 5 cups!

I was told later that this delicious tea is a herbal, organic tea from the BioEterno brand that Theresa Beauty also sells which comprises of that at least 95% organic ingredients.

Afterwards, i was led to the treatment room. The treatment room was nice and clean, and gentle music could be heard, which put me at ease. The thought of emails and pending deadlines melted away.

The beauty therapist cleaned off my make up, and gave me a neck and facial massage focusing on pressure points. I felt so at ease, and nodded off for a few minutes- as any stressed out LadyBoss can attest to, a quick nap s always appreciated!

I appreciated that my beauty therapist stayed silent during my treatment. As someone who regulary use facials, one of mt pet peeves is when therapists try to talk to me too much during my treatment.

Sure, i appreciate friendliness; however, often, the last thing i want to do when i’m trying to relax is have someone ask me too many questions about myself. I also appreciated that the background music was conducive for relaxation, I have been to many spas where, due to the thin walls, or lack of sound insulation, all i hear are other therapists chatting away, which distracts from the relaxation.

Here comes the Magic

After cleansing the steaming, was the much dreaded process of extraction. Extraction- a process of removing black heads, pimples, and other nasty things that congest your skin, is to me, usually an extremely painful process. However this was done very well by my skillful beauty therapist.

Like a true professional, or a fairy godmother with a magic wand, my therapist maneuvered lightly and gently around my face. Extraction was surprising quick and painless, and while i usually cry during such procedures, this was completed even before i realized it! I didn’t feel shortchanged as she had been through with the process, removing impurities from even the corners of my face.

Following that, i experienced the much anticipated “Magic Peel Treatment”- a deep exfoliation which had a firming and whitening effect. Products used had bamboo particulates and aloe vera for a healing and anti-aging activation. This was also followed by an Exfo Line Mask, a specific remodeling and anti-oxidant mask.

This mask contains Dermal Decongestant Factor to boost my skin’s natural defense system to repair DNA damage of ski cells. Argan shells stimulated the natural skin regeneration process, helping the skin regain its natural balance, smoothness and texture.


My Skin Felt baby smooth, firm and luminous. There was zero redness even though extraction had been done. Skin texture was soft and glowy, and others told me that! How’s that for instant ROI for a facial?

Also, as my make-up was wiped off during the facial, i had scant eyebrows and perhaps resembled the villain “Ghostface” in the movie, Scream. The therapist kindly offered me her eye brown pencil to use, possibly so i wouldn’t scare the living daylights out of others. This exceeded my expectations and it went above and beyond what i expected from a facial.

For this and many reasons, this treatment deserves an “Excellent” rating of 4 out of 5 LadyBoss diamonds, The Magic Peel treatment is priced at $128 and $18 for the first trial. -LB


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