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Jacintha Wee Diamond Facial Review

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have you thought of what to get for your awesome mum for all the things she has done for you? FRET NOT! if you haven’t, BECAUSE….. here is how you can WIN something for her on this special day just to pamper her! Read on to find out how…

So before I let all of you in on this awesome giveaway by Theresa Beauty, I would like to share my personal experience on this amazing Diamond Crystalline Therapy facial which gives an instant glowing, noticeable lifting and brightening effect!

Established in 1987, Theresa Beauty have more than 28 years of experience in facial and slimming treatments. They encompass body, skin and wellness treatments and have 6 outlets in Singapore. I am currently doing my treatments at the Toa Payoh outlet.

Here is some info about the Diamond Crystalline Therapy facial which I personally tried and will be sharing with you guys. Experience their 1st trial promotion at $69, U.P $198. This facial treatment has a nourishing blend of 32 active ingredients like Ginseng, Camellia and other natural botanicals to stimulate the production and generation of an instant noticeable lifting and brightening effect. Feel your skin lifting and stretching to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Extra fine diamond powder penetrates into the skin to activate cell renewal, revealing a glowing, younger looking skin.

Diamond nano-particles have an exceptionally high absorption rate, when they attached to active anti-aging ingredients, those skin plumper and line smoother can penetrate deeper into the skin, yielding better youth-renewing results. Diamond nano-particles bond well with water, so your skin will stay hydrated and supple. Diamonds are known to be bio-compatible. It optimize penetration of the anti-aging ingredients into the skin, prolonging the life span of skin cells and helps provide intense lifting and increased luminosity

So here are some of my BEFORE doing the Diamond Crystalline Therapy Facial’s photos. Notice there is no glow on my face and skin looks pretty dull and lifeless. Additionally, the cheek area has uneven blemishes as well as pores on the nose are quite large.

 For this facial, there are 3 steps to achieving the results that I’m waiting for!

 STEP 1 – Washing and Applying of Scrub on the Face

 This is the scrub used:

 STEP 2 – Allowing Scrub to be absorbed

After scrubbing the face, in order for the product to be absorbed fully, I was asked to rest for approximately 10 minutes under this purple looking machine which actually opens up the pores for easier absorption of the product.

This is the effect achieved after applying the mask as shown below. Skin is slightly rejuvenated and brightened a little as compared to the BEFORE photos. But WAITTTT….. now to STEP 3 (application of Diamond Mask) for even more significant results

 STEP 3 – Application of Diamond Mask + VIOLA….. FINAL RESULTS!

This is the Diamond Mask used:


Mask with diamond powder and 32 anti-ageing active ingredients for instant skin regeneration and radiance. It is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutrients, soothing and detoxifying ingredients.

A head, neck and shoulder massage is even provided! 😀

 Removing of mask & lastly, face massage to blend in the diamond particles into the face


I absolutely love the results of the Diamond Crystalline Therapy Facial! What I love best has definitely gotta be that au natural glow and brightening effect and significant lifting can be seen in the cheeks area as well. Additionally, my pores and uneven blemishes have also reduced.

Credited by: Jacintha Wee 

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