Michelle Yeo: My Beauty Journey With Theresa Beauty! (Part 1)

Michelle Yeo Slimming Review Theresa Beauty
My Beauty Journey With Theresa Beauty!
First of all as mentioned in my previous post, if you guys have missed it.
I actually got myself into a car accident and that has resulted me in injuring my lower spine area, hence i won’t be able to work out for a good 6 months or more.
And sadly this resulted me in gaining weight!
In a short span of 2 months plus i have already put on 4-5kg!!!! and there’s nothing i can do about it! as i can’t workout, i can’t do anything to burn my intake…
No. i did not eat crazily, i just maintain my normal intake, as i can’t don’t eat as i have gastric problem.
So how????? Don’t eat? Gastric pain. Eat? put on weight???? Haiz!!!!!

Anyway i started panicking and i did some research and finally i decided to partner up with Theresa Beauty .

Well, there’s so many beauty centers out there and why Theresa Beauty?
For me, the reason is simple, they provide one stop to all my needs.

I’m a work smart not work hard person, and i like to be able to multitask!

When i was do my research and making plans for my slimming and beauty journey, i had many criteria , they must be experienced in what they do, proven results, take care of my needs (firming, eliminating stubborn targeted area fats, cellulite)
I already took my before treatments photo and i will only show you the before ugly fat me, once the first 3 months detox, slimming, contouring and shaping results is completed! I will show you the before and after in next post.
I will also be reviewing more on other services like some detox program and facials that they provide. So do stay tune as they will be some give away in every blogpost.
Ok so let’s start the introduction of Theresa Beauty.
Why Theresa Beauty??

Theresa Beauty is founded in year 1987, their  secret to slimming and wellness is through a combination of internal and external detoxifying program in co-operation with their slimming treatments. With this synergistic approach, it can achieve guaranteed results that are starvation free without any harmful side effects.

Theresa believes that beauty is more than having a slim figure. It is also about taking care of your health to allow each individual to fully enjoy that journey to greater radiance, energy and immunity – essentially, to get more out of life.  (Which i agrees!)

In many ways, their weight management solutions are designed to ensure a beautiful inside out transformation. In their nature inspired slimming programs, the tasty 100% organic detoxification juices are combined with the use of advance technology to make your transformation easier, safer and more effective.

All their programs focus on sustainable results, underlining their belief in getting more out of life – in the truest sense.

Being a forerunner in the industry, they have more than 28 years of experience in facial and slimming treatments. They are constantly looking for new innovations and products to improve their formula to feeling great and looking fabulous, the natural way (Awesome!)

You guys may read more about them at this link below:



And you guys may read more about all the services and products that they provide at this link below:
So here i go..
When i first got there, i’m being served this very nice tea.
and this so yummy juice as i went there empty stomach
and this little fellow here is so smart that it can measure my fats weight, my muscle , my water retention etc.
My Therapist in charge then went through my body issues with me and came out with a plan for me.
As i have water retention problems and i also have fats problem plus bonus of constipation problem. LOL!!!
They will be doing detox for me first, first few weeks we will be focusing on detox, cleansing from the inner side and reduce my water retention with some massages techniques and treatments .
See! what i like about them is they take time to understand my issue and not just start wrapping me up immediately.
They have lockers for us to lock up all our valuables.
Goofing around abit before the treatments starts ! =)
oh my! i look so puffy!!! LOL!
All necessities will be provided fro you properly, so just relax and slim down!
The mixtures of the creams, essential oil etc to be applied on me before i start, the mix accordingly to suit our body’s needs and problems.
Before doing the treatment, my therapist usually will do a massage on my tummy for me, feels damn good and the massage always makes me wanna go toilet after that, i don’t know why but it’s just the technique and it really ease my constipation, i’m so thankful for it!
Well as i’m being covered fully i can’t show you how i looked being covered underneath the Thermal blanket, but i’ll show you within 45mins how much did i sweat out!!
Yes !! look at the puddles of water, btw the blackish stuffs are all the stuffs that has been applied on me before i was been wrapped up. (Yeah!)
I swear i always lose 0.8-1kg immediately after the treatment, i’ve done this treatment like 3 times already.
Excited to see my results?? Heh heh.. next blog post loh!!
After my first treatment i was put on a 3 days detox!
this is my set, yours may differ, due to our different body needs.
The amazing thing about this detox, it actually helped me resolved my constipation problem!
Curb my appetite, i don’t feel hungry or mouth itchy that easily.
Above all they taste good!
They have different flavors as shown below here:
I’m also taking the teatox as and when throughout the days.
So if you guys are interested to know more about the services or products, you may contact them here:
They have in total of 6 outlets in singapore.
I usually do mine at century square, if you happen to see me there, say hi!!
I’m so excited and i’m looking forward to my results soon!!
Stay tune k!! Will update in my next blogpost!
Before i stop, you may follow them on facebook and their webpage to get the latest promotions!
OH ! OH ! they are currently having promo for their detox fruit juices as shown below!!!!!
GSS! grab them now! taste nice and detox your body!
Trust me they taste so yummy especially when chilled!!
Also Theresa Beauty is very generous to offer all my readers and followers a 20% off for all services/treatments (Package or alar carte included)
Just quote ” Michelle Yang ” and get your 20% discount! Cheers!!
Lastly Theresa Beauty is giving away a pack of Bio Eterno’s Organic Herbal Tea! (Worth $39.90)
Stand a change to win it by filling up this form to participate below. (click on photo below to fill up)
Contest End 16 July 2016
Good Luck!
Peace out here! and cya in a slimmer me soon!!!
Peace Out !
Michelle Yang

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