My Detox Journey with Theresa Beauty

Jacinthe Wee

My Detox Journey with Theresa Beauty

As you can see, I’ve titled this post “A woman’s worst Nightmare”. Why a nightmare? Cause for someone like myself, unfortunately I am not blessed whereby I can eat as much as I want, not workout and still get that dream body. Life is unfair right? HAHA Soooo….. for the average bunch of us, we have gotta learn that not everything in life would always go the way we want. Sometimes going the extra mile to see results is definitely satisfying and makes the process a more fulfilling one. It helps us to remember why we started in the first place and persevere in the future.


Sadly, over the last few months I have been overwhelmed with work and procrastination took the better of me. I actually stopped working out close to 2 months now and my worst nightmare came through. I’ve gained a good 5 to 6kg and OMG it is the toughest thing on earth to try to get rid of this excess weight. It is also really depressing to not be able to fit into certain clothes anymore. At least I should be thankful, I am quite tall so putting on this weight isn’t as obvious to everyone else. But that is not the point cause day in day out when I look at my own body, I knew that I was a lot slimmer and toner back then. I also started wearing a lot more covered up clothings just to hide the fact that I have gained so much weight.

Nevertheless, running away is not the solution. So I’m here with an update to talk about my wellness journey with Theresa. It has been about 2 months since I’ve started this journey with them and it has been great. I’ve been given detox drinks, sculpting and toning treatments which you can see photos further in this post. We all know treatments like that is not magic but they aid as a function which definitely helps to speed up the process of losing weight/toning.

However, I strongly believe your own diet and exercise regime do play a part in how fast you lose weight. As much as I was hoping for faster results in these 2 months, but as said above, work has been insanely busy and I haven’t been working out, the results wont as fast as I wanted. But given that I was doing nothing, I’ve seen a reduction of 2kg in weight and also 2 inches down my waist, hip and thigh. That is an achievement! Nevertheless, in the coming months I will be exercising 2-3 times a week once again so I believe my next update will show a much faster progress.

 Before I begin the treatments, I was advised by my consultant to be on an Organic Detox Juice diet for about 6 days.. I was given 3 different flavours, 6 bottles in total and 1 bottle is about 1 litre which helps to keep me full throughout the day. (They have about 6-8 different flavours to pick depending on your requirement)  I was also given a schedule to follow as shown below. You will be advised by the consultants on how to take these detox juices based on your diet. I felt really refreshed and cleansed literally and lost about 1.3 kg before I begin my treatments…

Here are some of the treatments which I have being consistently doing at the outlet once a week.

Before you begin your treatment, they will be recording down your progress so you can track it yourself and make sure you do see progress!

They have machines such as 3 Max to help target issues like reduction of cellulite and hot blanket whereby  a coffee scrub will be applied all over your body which is used to help reduction in water retention. This process is about 45minutes long and non-stop perspiration will occur. You will be able to see significant results just after one session where your skin is firmer and smoother.

Before and after weight after doing Theresa’s treatments for some time now! Before I started taking the detox juice I was at 56.2kg (:

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Good Luck!

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