The Secret to Koreans’ Dewy Skin, UNVEILED.

Peggy Heng Diamond Facial Theresa Beauty

“Instead of wanting to look beautiful these days, women want to be told that they look young.”
That means dewy skin—not matte and dull-like mature skin, but shiny and soft like a baby’s.

The Koreans are often the fastest, if not, the guru of the latest beauty trends.
And this radiant glow that K-beauty is known for, has been a mystery that many have seeked and tried to uncover:


Some said it’s the makeup that they use, others would advise you to go for “DermaShine” Hyaluronic Acid Injection aka 水光针. But deep down, I knew a better method would be made available some day.

And that day, was today!


Look at how much my skin is glowing naturally, just after 5 simple steps, including the miraculous Magic Peel Treatment and Diamond Crystalline Therapy!!!

NOTHING INVASIVE at all! Just like an usual facial, but with an astounding result:

The two most important steps toward achieving this effect are exfoliation and hydration.

Not the typical way of course, but with natural peeling using bamboo particulates and aloe vera for a healing and anti-aging activation (Magic Peel). Your skin will feel baby smooth with a touch of firmness and luminosity…

Then hydrate by using the Diamond Crystalline Therapy with a nourishing blend of 32 active ingredients like Red Ginseng, Camellia and other natural botanicals to stimulate the production and generation of an instant noticeable lifting and brightening effect. Feel your skin lifting and stretching to smooth fine lines and wrinkles!! Extra fine diamond powder penetrates into the skin to activate cell renewal, revealing a glowy, akin to hollywood stars’ skin; shimmering naturally, even without makeup!

Diamond nanoparticles bond well with water, so your skin will stay hydrated and supple. Diamonds are known to be biocompatible, it optimizes penetration of the anti-aging ingredients into the skin, prolonging the lifespan of skin cells and helps provide intense lifting and increased radiance:

No foundation at all!!!


Thank you Theresa Beauty~ You’re the best to me, and my readers too!

YES YOU, my dearest readers! How can we forget about you?!
Time to look your best for upcoming Valentine’s Day and indulge in this special occasion with your loved one!

And trust me, when I say that they have one of the best lymphatic massages that I’ve ever experienced.

My favorite therapists have got to be Grace and Ann from the Century Square’s outlet. They have helped sooth my knotted back muscle tremendously, relieving me from the indescribable ache that I’ve been suffering (it’s such a nagging pain, sometimes I wake up from it in the middle of the night).

I’m also admittedly a fuss when it comes to massage (because I’m an addict for it) and absolutely cannot stand amateurs where I’ve to constantly remind them on the areas to focus on, the pressure to apply etc. and with that, there was no way I could relax.

Thankfully for them, now I always fall asleep whenever I’m in their good hands!

Credited by: Peggy Heng

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