Teeth Whitening is the new skincare

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Is
The New Skincare

Teeth whitening treatments or regular visits to the dentist aren’t common these days. Our teeth can play a huge part of our life for those who don’t know. One of the few things you notice about someone is their smile. When you meet someone with a bright and sparkling white teeth it eventually catches your attention. Having a brighter and whiter set of teeth makes you feel more confident and leave a memorable impression on others!

Here’s some of the true facts about why you need to whiten your teeth!

1. Discoloration

Teeth Whitening

This occurs when the outer layer of the tooth (the enamel) is stained. Drinking too much coffee, wine, cola or other drinks or foods can stain teeth. Smoking also causes extrinsic stains. Teeth whitening can offset tooth discoloration due to plaque, tartar or other oral health concerns. It can be quite frustrating at time when you have to control your diet or do not have the time to visit your dentist. Teeth whitening is something you have to include in your skincare routine to have a brighter and whiter set of teeth!

      2. Effect of Aging

As you age, your tooth enamel may get worn out, making it easier for tooth discoloration or oral health problems to occur. Teeth whitening is a great way to prevent the signs of aging tooth and also helps to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

      3.Effect of Smoking

Smoking can damage your teeth, leading to a higher risk of developing oral health problems such as more build-up of plaque and bacteria on your teeth and/or tooth discoloration. Teeth whitening can help target the tooth discoloration caused by smoking and help you have a whiter, healthier smile.

      4. Boost Self-Confidence

Boost confidence

Your smile plays an important part of your life! Having whiter teeth can boost your smile and give your self-esteem a boost! You feel the world!

      5. Job Interview

Nobody will want to hire someone with yellow teeth. Your smile can play a big part of your next job interview. Smiling has a number of benefits during an interview. Having a bright, healthy smile can help you portray confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Enables you to secure your next interview or job offer!

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