Bio Intense Teeth Whitening Treatment



  1. Latest LED whitening & brightening technology actively penetrates enamel & effectively removing teeth stains.
  2. Achieve up to 4-8 shades whiter in 1 session depending on original teeth enamel.
  3. Non-peroxide, suitable for frequent smokers, coffee, and tea drinkers.
  4. Painless, safe procedure performed by well trained therapist and provides instant results.

The days of painting teeth with correction fluid or wearing Dracula teeth are soon over. We want humans to enjoy glistening veneers with no help from mouth aliens. Let your pearly whites glow natural with us! Using the latest Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology, the teeth whitening treatment employed is a non-invasive process that is said to leave one’s teeth up to 8 shades lighter. Effective and safe, Bio Intense teeth whitening treatment is suitable even for those with sensitive teeth, as it does not affect teeth structure and enamel.

Stow away one’s toolbox, as smiling professionals coat chompers with a special non hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and follow up by shining a light containing special wavelengths to oxidize the gel, guaranteeing brighter and whiter teeth in under an hour.

The Deal:

  • $68 for 1 session (worth $198)
  • $180 for 3 sessions (worth $594)
  • $280 for 5 sessions (worth 900)


Term and Condition

  • Valid within 4 months from date of purchase; Prices stated are before GST.
  • 3 sessions option to be completed within 4 months from the first visit; 5 sessions option to be completed within 6 months from the first visit.
  • Valid for first time customer, 18 years and above only. One voucher is valid for one customer only.
  • Add on option: $20 for couple room; $20 for appointment on 1st Feb 2018 to 14th Feb 2018  (Festive Charges), payable upon appointment.
  • Prior booking required, call 6482 1187 for appointment.
  • This promotion cannot be used to offset any credit card outstanding account, discounts, offer or promotions.
  • Management reserves the rights to amend the terms & conditions of this offer without prior notice.