Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Cream - 50ml

  • Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Cream 50ml

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Caviar Ω3-Ω6 Cream


Action : A black and red caviar cream rich in Ω3, Ω6 fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, amino acids and trace elements. It maintains cell integrity and accelerates the natural collagen production process. Vitamins F and E strengthen the skin barrier and reduce transdermal water loss. The specialized powerful antioxidant ingredient Venecuane inhibits the action of free radicals and protects the skin fromdamage caused by UVA rays. Filagrinol, a mixture of pollen, olive oil, soy and wheat regulates the skin’s fibronectin levels that contribute to its water balance. It has rich texture and is easily absorbed without leaving oiliness.


Use : Apply to entire face until absorbed.


Κey Ingredients : Black Caviar, Salmo Ovum, Filagrinol, Vitamin F (Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid), Venuceane, Allantoin.

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