Detox Slimming Treatment



  1. 12/36 Sessions of Detox Slimming Treatments include:
    – Detox Cleansing Juice
    – Detox Exfoliating Scrub
    – Signature Body Stimulator Trimming Treatment
    – Colon Slimming Massage
    – Signature Toning Wrap
    – Firming Heat Therapy
  2. Advanced slimming technology improves tone, look and texture of skin
  3. Boosts fat burning while detoxifying and re-energising the body
  4. Professional slimming therapists with industrial certificate

Hailed as one of the most effective, safest and healthiest slimming programme, “Detox Slimming” is currently the most popular and latest slimming solution provided in Asia. It is a combination of internal and external detoxifying program help to achieve guaranteed results which are starvation free and slim down in natural way.


  1. Immediate fat loss to the targeted area
  2. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and release toxin and fats from under the skin
  3. Stimulates metabolic rate and contracts body muscles, toning them up

Recommend for:

  1. Stubborn fats
  2. Toning up without hitting the gym
  3. Achieving the svelte figure effortlessly

The Deal:

  • $28 for 12 sessions (worth $1340)
  • $68 for 36 sessions (worth $4020)

Package Include:

Detox Cleansing Juice
One glass of this signature French Cleanse cocktail juice helps build up body metabolism. Also, this prevents fatty tissue buildup in arteries to maintain good blood circulation.

Detox Exfoliating Scrub
Utilising coffee sea salt as the base element for this treatment, the Detox Exfoliating Scrub aids to increase the blood flow rate thus causing metabolism rate to increase. It also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and release toxins and fats under the skin.

Signature Body Stimulator Trimming Treatment
Exclusively making use of Japanese Electrotheraphy, this treatment aids in inch loss by stimulating and contracting body muscles.

Colon Slimming Massage
A non-invasive slimming massage, the circular motions employed onto physiques stimulate the colon to function properly. It also assists in relieving constipation and strengthen and tone colon muscles and toxin build up.

Signature toning wrap
The bio-etherno signature slim toning wrap guarantees immediate fat loss to the concerned area. Once the treatment wrap is applied, skin will absorb the tonic, which will aid in firming and smoothing skin.

Firming Heat Therapy
A moist heat therapy which increases blood flow and draws out toxins in blood vessels.


Term and Condition

  • Valid within 4 months from date of purchase; Prices stated are before GST.
  • Option 1 to be completed in two visits, within 1 month from first visit; Option 2 to be completed in six visits, within 3 months from first visit.
  • Valid for first time customer, 18 years and above only; Male customers must be accompanied by a female companion, treatment to be done in couple room. One voucher is valid for one customer only.
  • Top up option: $20 for couple room; $10 for appointment on Sat, Sun, Public holiday; $20 for appointment on 15 Jan 2017 – 7 Feb 2017 (Festive Charges), payable upon appointment.
  • Prior booking required, call 6482 1187 for appointment.
  • This promotion cannot be used to offset any credit card outstanding account, discounts, offer or promotions.
  • Management reserves the rights to amend the terms & conditions of this offer without prior notice.