Cryo- Lipolysis Slimming Treatment

New technology used to freeze away fat cell and help in losing weight. Using cryo temperature of 5°c to -10°c, Cryo-lipolysis Slimming Therapy has been proven a safe & effective treatment to “freeze” and eliminate fat cell through apoptosis.

1. Targeting a specific area to eliminate the fat cells while leaving other tissues like the skin, nerves and muscles unharmed.
2. Like liposuction but without needles, incisions, general anesthesia or side effects.
3. Return to normal activities without downtime
4. Results will be visible within 2 months post treatment

Recommend for:
1. Individuals looking for localised fat reduction
2. Gym bunnies

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Thermo-lipolysis Sliming treatment

Use of deep heat therapy to burn and break down fat cell into smaller particles, achieve visible result in body shaping and losing weight. Recommend for customer with water retention problem, soft fat and flabby skin.

1. Relieves nerve tension and joints pain with deep infrared therapy.
2. Boost cardiovascular and lymphatic systems by increasing blood flow to all over the body for expedited calories burning
3. Far infrared rays permeate the body with therapeutic heat energy to drain excess water or toxic from body.

Recommend for:
1. Individuals with excessive water retention
2. Individuals with softer fats and flabby skin
3. Weight loss solution

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Detox Slimming Treatment

Hailed as one of the most effective, safest and healthiest slimming programme, “Detox Slimming” is currently the most popular and latest slimming solution provided in Asia. It is a combination of internal and external detoxifying program help to achieve guaranteed results which are starvation free and slim down in natural way.

1. Immediate fat loss to the targeted area
2. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and release toxin and fats from under the skin
3. Stimulates metabolic rate and contracts body muscles, toning them up

Recommend for:
1. Stubborn fats
2. Toning up without hitting the gym
3. Achieving the svelte figure effortlessly

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