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does prenatal massage induce labor?

One of the most common questions regarding Prenatal massage is “Will prenatal massage induce labor?”. This question is asked for two reasons:

  1. Massaging the wrong points during Prenatal Massage could cause pre-term labor
  2. Pregnant mummies are seeking induction massage

In this article, we will discuss both scenario and determine – Does Prenatal massage induce labor?

Does Prenatal Massage Induce Labor?

During the majority of pregnancies, it is very important to find a trained massage therapist will avoid pressing on particular places on your body since they are thought to promote labor. To stimulate labor, these spots must be squeezed strongly, repeatedly, and with complete intention toward birth.

Touching the contraindicated sites will not cause a woman to go into pre-term labor or put her or her baby in danger. If you are nearing or over your due date and wish to induce labor naturally, Induction Prenatal Massage can help with particular treatment on reflex and acupressure spots that aid in the delivery process.

In general, yes Prenatal Massage can induce labor if certain spots are constantly stimulated. We highly recommend to seek experienced Prenatal massage like Theresa Beauty to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

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How often Prenatal Massage is required?

Prenatal massage provides a wide range of additional advantages. One common question we regularly get asked is “how often is prenatal massage recommended?”. Our general guideline is 1 – 2 Prenatal massage a week. If you are doing it once a week, we would recommend a longer session such as 90 – 120min.

As comfortable as prenatal massage can be, daily prenatal massages is not recommended as it may over excite your body and your baby.

You should have a prenatal massage once a week, if you’re able. If you’re not sure about your bodily state, it is best to seek your doctor’s consent before getting a Prenatal massage.

Prenatal massage will assist reduce tension and calm your body. Using may help lower anxiety, alleviate sadness, and relax the hormones that enable better sleep. Prenatal massage reduces water retention because of enhanced circulation.

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When can I begin Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal Massage is usually recommended during week 16 – week 36 of pregnancy. Most establishment in Singapore do not recommend Prenatal massage during the first trimester as your pregnancy is the most fragile and the chances of a miscarriage is the highest.

In actual fact, there is no scientific evidence that links prenatal massage to miscarriage. However it is very important to seek an experienced masseur.

does prenatal massage induce labour? all you need to know

What is Prenatal Induction Massage?

You should not contemplate an induction massage until your pregnancy has progressed to full term. Induction massage is similar to prenatal massage to induce labor.

An induction massage can help with the natural transition into labor if you’ve reached Full-Term. An induction massage focuses on acupressure points in the back, legs, feet, and hands, which may be used for a variety of purposes.

> An induction massage can aid in the relaxation of your sacrum and pelvic region, allowing your baby to descend into your pelvis with more ease.

> The parasympathetic nervous system will be stimulated by an induction massage, causing labor to begin.

> An induction massage reduces stress hormones while increasing natural Oxytocin, the major hormone involved in labor and bonding.

> An induction massage helps your body to relax deeply while stimulating these areas, allowing your body to accomplish what it was created to do.

For pregnant women who are experiencing stress, worry, or exhaustion, an induction massage is an excellent choice. An induction massage does not ensure that you will go into labor, but because it calms you, it can help you get back on track and stimulate labor.


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