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Essential oils are compounds that have been extracted from plants. The oil essentially captures the plant’s essence and scent. They are all unique to that plant’s characteristics. Essential oils can be used in almost any type of massage therapy. The main purpose of using essential oils in massage is to give added relaxation, maintain pain management, and improve one’s mood. By enrolling into a body massage course, you would learn that essential oils play a key role during your massage therapy lessons. Massage course Singapore schools use essential oils with precaution during their sessions to display how they are used and when it is appropriate to use them.


Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy. If you had planned to enroll in a body massage course that uses essential oils, an aromatherapy course would be the right choice for you. Essential oils are provided by massage course Singapore schools over the duration of the module. However, the actual process of making essential oils comes from various methods. These methods include distillation (via steam or water) or mechanical methods such as cold pressing. You would not actually have to learn how to extract the oils in the massage course Singapore sessions. Although, it is important to know the benefits of its use and why it is important for massage therapy.

What is aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy is primarily any type of massage that uses essential oils. The essential oils are what gives of the aromas from all their natural ingredients. Hence the name aromatherapy. Aromatherapy will use the essential oils for certain benefits.


During the aromatherapy massage, you would either inhale the molecules from the essential oils or absorb them into your skin. Most aromas are plant-based derivatives which will be extracted from plants, trees and flowers. It is important to know when and how to use essential oils appropriately. Joining massage course Singapore aromatherapy modules will guide you through the process of using essential oils wisely. You would learn in a body massage course that essential oils are extremely concentrated. Therefore, they should be used correctly by diluting them into milder oils, humidifiers or lotions.


A professional body massage course would describe that the purpose of aromatherapy is to improve one’s physical and mental well-being. In a massage course Singapore curriculum, you would learn the technical terms based around aromatherapy massage. For example, the molecules from the essential oils are thought to be beneficial to the mind and body as they affect your limbic system. In body massage course studies, the limbic system is the region of the brain that is known to involve emotion.


Aromatherapy can be found in almost every massage clinic or spa. Therefore, if you are aspiring to become a professional massage therapist, taking a body massage course module in aromatherapy can further your knowledge of it in the industry. The style of treatment, quality and degree of customization of the essential oils vary widely in the massage industry. Preferences are based on client’s needs and wants and environmental factors. During the massage course Singapore session centered around aromatherapy, you will learn about when it is appropriate to use certain essential oils. Massage clinics often have their own premixed blends of essential oils which they will then select the blend that will best address your health concerns.

What are some types of essential oils used in massage?

We have covered how essential oils can be used in almost every type of massage such as deep tissue, swedish massage, prenatal, postnatal, hot stone etc. Now, how do you know what type of essential oil to use within the massage therapy. This will also be further discussed in a body massage course that focuses on aromatherapy. Each essential oil used in aromatherapy has different properties that serve for various purposes. For instance, several make you calm and relaxed while others are meant to energize. Below is a list of essential oils that are popular in the massage industry.


  1. Lavender essential oil

This is one of the most popular essential oils around. There is no doubt when you walk into any body massage course or massage course Singapore school that lavender essential oil will come up in conversation. The calming and pleasant aroma is to create a soothing atmosphere which will help us adapt to stress. What does it promote? It promotes peaceful sleep, helps in relaxation and boosts stamina.


  1. Geranium essential oil

This essential oil that is extracted from the geranium plant instantly enhances one’s mood. Its purpose is to relax muscles and provide relaxation to spasms. It also will help to revitalize body tissues.

  1. Hinoki essential oil

The Hinoki essential oil is derived from a Japanese flower. It has a lemony and spicy aroma that gives an energizing feeling. Its main purpose is to spread a sense of calm in the nerves. The Hinoki essential oil is a very popular one in the massage industry across Asian continents.

  1. Coriander essential oil

This essential oil is extracted from the cilantro plant. The aroma is sweet and warm and brings about a soothing atmosphere. What does this essential oil promote? It works well to promote digestion, a healthy pancreas and boosts the circulatory system. In a body massage course, you will learn that this essential oil is used to promote a healthy digestive system.


The four essential oils that are listed above are just the few examples of many essential oils out there. There are always new ones that are discovered daily by blending and mixing ingredients. From the above examples, you can see that there are many properties that come from the essential oils which benefit health factors. This is the main reason why using essential oils in massage are vital to tie in the whole experience together.

In summary

Essential oils in massage are important to provide the soothing and relaxing atmosphere for the clients. The different properties that come from the natural ingredients will help to promote certain beneficial health factors. Essential oils are important in massage because it really brings the whole experience to another level because of the aromas. Aromatherapy massage is a great foundational skill to learn at a massage course Singapore academy. Here at Pro Therapist Academy we provide aromatherapy courses that will really give you an in-depth understanding of essential oils within the field. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

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