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Post Natal Massage Singapore

Post natal Massage Singapore is a type of massage designed to help your body recover after giving birth. Following your pregnancy, your body’s physiology and condition undergoes the shock and strain of childbirth.

Follow Gwendolyn Toh’s (@omfgwen ) post natal massage review journey with Theresa Beauty.

Regular Post Natal Massage can help to bring your body to pre pregnancy conditions by toning up body, Lactation Relief and Womb Recovery.


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Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

Post Natal Massage Singapore review by influencer / entrepreneur Gwendolyn Toh

I am at the comfort of my own home, and here I have Eileen from Theresa beauty with me! It’s been about 8 months and they have been taking very good care of my body ever since I’ve changed my status to a mom.

Although I did a c-section, I started my house call massages 1 week postpartum. My entire body swelled up so much, I was in desperate need to do anything I could to reduce the swelling.

Eileen made sure to knead most parts of my body except for my tummy to avoid the wound. I am not regretting my decision on starting my massages earlier because I saw how quickly my body shrank, especially my feet!

Having to wake up for feeds in the night has contributed to my body aches and leaving me lethargic in the day. I always look forward to the weekly massages to loosen up the knots in my shoulders and relieve water retention!

Self-care is so important, especially when your body is preparing for the birth of another human and during the recovery after. Now that Theresa beauty offers house-call services, it’s easier to recuperate, stay strong and healthy as we go about fulfilling the growing demands of motherhood!

Best Post Natal Massage Singapore

post natal massage singapore

Post natal massages provide several health advantages, including pain alleviation, muscle relaxation, joint comfort, and a reduction in toxic buildup.

For mothers going through C-section, a postpartum massage can reduce recovery time through stimulating blood circulation. The stimulation of blood circulation will allow more nutrients and oxygen to speed up wound recovery.

It’s no surprise that giving birth takes a toll on one’s mental health. Pregnancy is known to produce hormonal imbalance and an increase in the “stress hormone” cortisol. Regular postpartum massage can decrease cortisol levels, which in turn improves their overall well-being.

Breast massage / Lactation massage is commonly included in post natal massage to help with milk production. When the breast are stimulated, oxytocin is released, allowing the mother to relax and unclog her ducts, resulting in an increase in milk production.

At Theresa Beauty, we have over 30 years experience in postpartum recovery. Like Gwendolyn (@omfgwen), you can have a safe, relaxing & effective post natal experience.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

The benefits of post natal massage can help to improve both mental and physical being. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Ease muscle tension
  2. Relief joint and back pain
  3. Regulate hormones
  4. Reduce body swellings
  5. Improve mood and sleep
  6. Easier to breast feed

Post Natal Massage Singapore Trial

At Theresa Beauty, we want you to try our service before committing long term with us. We offer post natal massage Singapore trial to let you experience our service.

Post Natal Massage Before and After

best post natal massage singapore

Getting a massage after giving birth has several advantages. For example, it can reduce swelling and assist balance hormones.

Post Natal massage can be done every week for the first 12 weeks for the best result.

You can start the postpartum massage 3 – 5 days (natural birth) or 21 days (C-section) after birth. It is possible to start postnatal massage after C-Section / Caesarean section earlier, however, the tummy will not be in contact till after 21 days.

The frequency of massages is determined by your budget, time and recovery. Contact Theresa Beauty today for your prenatal massage and postpartum care.


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Theresa Beauty has over 30 years experience in Prenatal and Post natal massage treatments. We are a multi award winning medical spa in Singapore with over 1000+ five stars review on Google and Facebook.

Other than pregnancy massages, we specialise in Facial, Slimming and overall wellness. We invest in new technologies to ensure you are receiving the best treatment.

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