Postnatal Massage




Our signature Postnatal (Partum) Massage offers full recuperation to bring hormones back to pre-pregnancy levels. It is thoughtfully designed to Tone body, Improve Lactation, Relieve Post Surgery Swellings & Restore Womb Recovery.

A postnatal massage is what you need to lift you up, rejuvenate your mood, and get you all strong and active again. Post child birth can be a challenging time for you, especially with the growing demands of motherhood. With a postnatal massage, you get to relax your body and mind as you go about fulfilling the duties of being a mother.

– Fighting fatigue

Pregnant women experience different symptoms when giving birth. Fatigue is always part of the postnatal phase, adding to that is the breastfeeding and constant nursing to your baby. All these could really get you tired by the end of the day

– Coping with busy schedules

Fact is, most new mothers do not get enough time to rest and recuperate their health. A calming and soothing massage will help you to cope with your hectic


– Alleviating pains and aches

The pressures of childbirth and labor could give rise to mild or severe aches in the muscles for many new mothers. Postnatal massage can help in removing pain and discomfort from post childbirth.

Restores the uterus to original size

During pregnancy and childbirth, your body goes through a lot of changes due to the changing hormones. A nourishing postnatal massage greatly helps in aiding your uterus adjust back into normal shape, bringing you needed relief and comfort.

What is Jamu Mask?

Specially formulated in house, our Jamu mask is a secret blend of natural herbs and botanicals that is beneficial to post-partum care and dispelling of wind and water retention.

It is great for increasing blood circulation, relieving tired muscles and prevention of arthritis and rheumatism, keeping the womb warm and cosy.

What about binding?

Binding is great for shaping the body back to shape after child birth. The uterus expands more than 10 times its size to accommodate the baby and mummies will still look 6months pregnant immediately after birth.

Binding helps to mould the body back to shape, ideally giving mummies their pre baby figure back ASAP.

Binding is not inclusive in the Postnatal package. Mummies can opt for it with an add on of $198 – inclusive of a Thermocellulite cream which mummy can use on a daily basis. This is inclusive of a binder which will exclusively be yours and the binding service will be included FOC.

How often to do Postnatal Massage?

We recommend a frequency of 2 times a week at 90 mins per session. The 1st month of caring for a new born is extremely taxing and tiring for mummies. It is imperative that you rest when the baby is resting.

Recovery Time: 0 to 1 Day

Treatment Time:60- 120 mins

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Terms & Conditions

  • Trial Prices limit 1 session per person.
  • Valid for customers who have not visited for the past 12 months, aged 21 and above only.
  • Valid for Singaporean / PR/ EP/ DP/ SP.
  • Present NRIC / valid Work Pass at outlet for verification.
  • Sessions are non-transferable.
  • Trial Price is not valid 2 weeks before CNY. Only Ala-Carte Price is applicable.
  • Management reserves the rights to change the promotion anytime.
  • Jamu mask treatment is done concurrently with the Post Natal Massage timing. Total treatment time is as stated.

  • Home visit is not valid for Trial price treatments. Only valid for Ala carte priced treatments.

  • Home visit only valid for 90 mins and above treatment at Ala Carte Price

  • Home Visit charges cannot be deducted from credit package. It has to be paid separately.

  • Home visit charges are to be charged per visit. If you purchase 10+2 FOC sessions, it is 12 visits and home visit is charged accordingly to the 12 visits.

  • Binder is to be left at the client’s house. Should the binder be damaged under the client’s care, the binder will be charged to the client at $58 + GST.

Home visit transport charges:

Normal time slot:

  • $38 per visit within 10 KM of all Theresa’s Outlets.
  •  Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $50 per visit
  • Valid from Monday to Thursday between 10 am to 4pm.
  • Inclusive of treatment bed and towels.
  • Treatment bed subject to availability. Home visit does not guarantee treatment bed, towels and massage oil inclusive.

Peak time slot:

  • Within 10KM of the outlets – $50 per visit.
  • Outside of 10KM from the outlets: $60 per visit
  • Monday to Thursday between 5pm to 10pm