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Glowing Radiant Skin | Combat Hyper-pigmentation | Reduce Age Spots


Whitening Glow  For Dull Tired Skin

Fair, glowing, radiant skin is yours! Silk Protein Whitening Peel can help to fit hyper-pigmentation, skin dullness, discolouration and age spots. Using Organic Mandelic acids, HydraWhitening normalise the skin’s keratinisation process to restore the skin’s normal metabolism. It activates:

  1. Skin rejuvenation process to increase collagen and elastin production
  2. Get rid of age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation 
  3. Enhances cellular remodelling and reduces skin discolouration

Our medically formulated peels help repair and polish your skin with just one visit.


acne chemical peel singapore



Treatment Time30 - 45mins
Recommended Sessions4 sessions monthly
Recommended Intervals2 Weeks
Recovery TimeMinimal – Same day
BenefitsSkin Whitening, Lifts hyperpigmentation




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Normalise the skin keratinisation process to restore skin’s normal metabolism. 

  •   Activates the skin rejuvenation process
  •   Increase collagen and elastin production
  •   Hydrates the skin
  •   Enhances cellular remodelling
  •   Reduces skin discolouration


acne chemical peel singapore
Step 1

Application of Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel applied on face to target affected areas. 

acne chemical peel singapore
Step 2

Penetrate the Dermis Layer

The acid will work down into the dermis layer to target the affected areas. Skin issues such a active acnes or pigmentation can be effectively treated.

acne chemical peel singapore
Step 3

Dissolve Oil/Bacteria & Lifts Pigmentation

Due to the nature of the chemicals, the acid will penetrate deep into the pores to dissolve oil/bacteria and lifts pigmentation from the skin.

acne chemical peel singapore
Step 4

Smoother & Glowing Complexion

Expect a smoother complexion with a glowing effect. Unlike traditional facials that requires painful extraction, our chemically formulated medical peel is most effective against acne prone skin and acne scars. It exfoliate/peels away the top layer of your skin for skin rejuvenation.


Reduces stress levels to enable better well-being, for better sleep, increase in energy and better concentration.

tcm meridian massage

Relieves pain and body stiffness by releasing endorphins which acts as a natural pain relief.

tcm meridian massage

It increases and improves blood circulation to the body, strengthening and supporting the body in its own healing process.


acne chemical peel singapore

Salicylic Acid

Most effective against Acne and Oily Skin, improving skin tone.

acne chemical peel singapore

Lactic Acid

Most effective against Discolouration, Skin Sagging and Minimize Pore Size.

acne chemical peel singapore

Glycolic Acid

Most effective against Hyper pigmentation, Aging, Skin Tone & Texture.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


My therapist Mel was amazing! She has very good customer service and it is enjoyable doing my prenatal massage with her. She is always very bubbly and fun. My consultant Chris is very friendly and kind too. No hard selling
Lynn Gomez
Lynn G.
09:37 14 Nov 19
My massuer, Ivy Sung is very good. Her strength is just nice and was able to clear the toxic in me. She is able to tell that I am actually very very heaty .Felt so much lighter after the massage. The service staff here are also very polite.
Mandhy Lee
Mandhy L.
09:39 26 Sep 19
They have skillful and friendly masseurs. My body aches were greatly reduced after a 90mins body massage under Theresa. The front desk ladies are also very friendly and helpful to assist in my queries. They make customers feel welcomed upon stepping into the shop.
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan C.
15:17 21 Aug 19
Professional and excellent service. Thanks to my beautician, Shino.
Chan Sami
Chan S.
14:35 04 Aug 19
Tried their Hifu and skin boosters at their Clementi branch, results were amazing! I have received many compliments from friends! Was attended by Shino, who is a very experienced professional. Would recommend it and definitely going back again!
S H Puah
S H P.
05:06 02 Aug 19
Tried their Hifu and skin boosters at their Clementi branch, results were amazing! I have received many compliments from friends! Was attended by Shino, who is a very experienced professional. Would recommend it and definitely going back again!
S H Puah
S H P.
05:06 02 Aug 19
Came here a few times, mostly for back and leg massages. Therapists' are knowledgeable
Chester Lim
Chester L.
03:16 02 Aug 19
Theresa have provided a good and excellent service on Teeth Whitening treatment.Just when for 1st time treatment can feel that have the immediately effective result.Thank for my beautician
Vinny Chai
Vinny C.
05:27 31 Jul 19
Have a good service Body massage and Facial Treatment excellent experience masseur And Therapy.After the massage can feel my body Relax and very clean smooth Face.Thank A Lot
Chloe Loh
Chloe L.
05:16 31 Jul 19
Have a good service Body massage and Facial Treatment excellent experience masseur And Therapy.After the massage can feel my body Relax and very clean smooth Face.Thank A Lot
Chloe Loh
Chloe L.
05:16 31 Jul 19
I called the salon to book a massage appointment. The call was answered by Ivy. She was very rude and impatient when responding to my enquiries on the rates. Her poor attitude reflects badly on the image of the salon. I will not patronize the salon.
Roger Lee
Roger L.
11:07 31 May 19
This an okay place.....Each time you arrive (appointment or not) you always get the feeling from the staff that you are an inconvenience to them.The worst aspect is the constant sales pressure to buy new/additional packages....tip - people come if the service is good, pressuring to buy turns people away - I won't be back in a long time.
Stuart English
Stuart E.
05:33 27 Nov 18
Sharon did the ear candling detox for me just now. Helped me relieve the blocked-ears feeling which has been bothering me for some time. Feel so light and refreshed now. The tension in the scalp and at the nape is much relieved now. Do give it a try!
Evwin Tan
Evwin T.
09:57 08 Nov 18
I was served by therapist Sue and it was a wonderful experience. She is skilful and friendly. She is very competent and has strong customer service skills. Sue has a very positive attitude and puts on a smile always. I have a very positive impression of the salon and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends.
Philip Tan
Philip T.
09:30 31 Jul 18
Went to Clementi outlet for 养身. service was excellent. Masseur is very passionate and experienced. She even went beyond her call of duty. Very comfortable and pleasant talking to her. Have a feel at home feel whenever I come for treatment.
Wendy Lim
Wendy L.
09:39 13 Jul 18
My usual massage place and recently took up the 五行罐 package too. Massage usually only provided temporary relief for my stiff n sore shoulders. But 五行罐 was a much better solution and provided more sustained relief. Service is good there. Music played in the background sweetens the deal quite a bit. Would recommend to check out the place.
Wai Chung Tai
Wai Chung T.
12:14 20 Jun 18
I read online review that this massage place is very good. So I decided to try since I live nearby.My first time is ah sue. she is very friendly and skills is excellent. I like chatting with her as she always full of smile.Since then I has been coming and will always find her.The atmosphere is good with soft music. This is a nice place for relax. Full mark!
Lai Sherline
Lai S.
09:18 20 Jun 18


You can expect a slight prickly, tingling sensation on the skin but this all depends on individual skin types.

You should avoid Chemical Peel if you are suffering from the below:

  • Current illness/infection
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Abnormal scarring
  • Sensitive eyes
  • Ocular herpes
  • Hyper sensitive/reactive skin
  • Open/active cystic acne
  • Active herpes
  • Inflamed acne cysts
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Sunburn
  • Severe physical/mental stress
  • Retin A/Roaccutane use (for 6 months post use)
  • Topical skin treatments from your GP (finish treatment before commencing peels)
  • Irritated/damaged skin
  • Radiation/chemotherapy
  • Canerous lesions
  • Open wounds
  • Allergy to aspirin
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Reaction to JA products
  • Hair removal
  • Retin A or Vitamin A product use
  • Self-tanning agents
  • Clay masks

It depends what kind of Peel you are doing. However, the overall effects will leave the skin immediately rejuvenated and glowing. The peel sheds the upper layer of skin reducing redness and blemishes. You may experience some flaking of the skin in the days following your treatment, but this is completely normal.

Our experienced aesthetician will assess your face during the initial consultation. They will will go through all peel options and treatment combinations with you to make sure you are getting a treatment suitable for your skin type and skin needs.

During your initial consultation, our aesthetician will recommend you a treatment plan. Usually a course of treatment is between 3-6 treatments, depending on your skin type, skin condition and the goal you are wishing to achieve. If you just want to refresh your skin then a single treatment may be suitable.

Ameson Repair Gel and Calming Bliss will be applied to soothe the experience.

SPF 30 or 50 factor is strongly recommended throughout the duration of the treatment.

Avoid direct sunlight (sunbathing).

Patients with hypersensitivity to the sun should take extra care and precautions to guard against exposure.

Avoid sun exposure and sunbeds post treatment.

Your practitioner will advise best aftercare according to your treatment.

Do not use AHA’s/BHA’s for 24 hours

Follow the after care guidelines given by your practitioner for the time scales given.

Your skin may be red for several hours after treatment.

Avoid strenuous exercise until any redness has dissipated, it is advised that you avoid for at least 48 hours.

There may be some skin peeling or exfoliation DO NOT PICK/PULL the skin.

When washing your face DO NOT scrub. Use a gentle cleanser designed for sensitive skins.

Apply a light moisturiser as often as needed to relieve dryness and tightness.

DO NOT have another facial treatment for at least 7 days after your treatment.


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