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What is Post Natal Massage?

Postnatal massage is a specialised massage to help mothers adjust to and recover from childbirth after giving birth. Postpartum massage can come in a few types (TCM, Jamu Swedish or Ayurvedic) depending on preference and culture.

In Singapore, post natal massage is the go to treatment after birth and it has been praised by many mothers on its benefits.

Most of the massage sessions includes binding or wrap to mould the tummy back to pre-pregnancy conditions.

Massage treatments during the postpartum period not only help mothers cope with physical and mental stress, but they also help with body maintenance and slimming. It is also an effective treatment to improve  postnatal depression and regain prenatal fitness.


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When to do Post Natal Massage?

when to do post natal massage

Physical and mental stress are common during the postpartum period. Similar to how prenatal or pregnancy massage helps new moms adjust to parenthood, postnatal massage therapy helps new mothers recover by promoting blood flow and reduce swelling.

It’s critical to get rid of excess fluids and the wind in the tummy after postpartum to avoid long term bloated stomach.

Post-natal massage strongly recommended for mothers who are experiencing the following:

  1. Back ache
  2. Cramps and Spasms
  3. Migraines and headaches
  4. Continual tummy bloating
  5. Muscle tension
  6. Stretch marks
  7. Insomnia

For mothers who went through natural birth / delivery, postpartum massage can start as soon as 5 – 7 days. We recommend to purchase the sessions to ensure availability.

For cesarean delivery or C – section, it is best to wait a minimum of 21 days. Massage can be performed earlier, however the tummy will not be massaged till after 21 days (depending on recovery).

Post Natal Massage Package Promotion

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Post Natal Massage Benefits

Postpartum massages contains many physical and psychological benefits. Regular full body massage facilitates the release of endorphins to relaxes the body to alleviate psychological, emotional, and physical stress.

As an alternative to the traditional Jamu massage, we use TCM Chinese massage techniques that focus on meridians and tummy bindings to restore the stomach.

tone body post natal massage


Massage after childbirth can help tone your body, especially your belly and thighs. By boosting blood circulation and kneading, post natal massage can help you reduce water retention and burn body fats faster.

reduce swelling and pain post natal massage


After childbirth, parts of the body like the arms, legs and back will begin to swell. Regular massage can assist in the reduce the swelling and relief tense muscles.

breast massage breast feeding


Almost all nursing mothers will experience breast engorgement and clogged ducts. Post natal breast massage can enhance blood circulation, ease engorgement to promote smoother milk supply.

womb recovery post natal massage benefits


Uterine contractions aid in the natural cleaning process after birth, removing blood and other waste. After birth, stomach massage can help the uterus with its natural cleaning process as well as recovering its pre-natal size and shape.

reduce stress


Postpartum depression is a serious condition affecting mothers after birth. Post natal massage can ease tension, stress and other heightened emotions. Provide attention to your body and pay it the respect it deserves.

improve sleep post natal massage benefits


Your mental health after childbirth is important as your body is adjusting to new changes. After your baby is born, sleep will constantly be affected and limited. Postnatal massage can help to improve sleep quality when you need it.

Post Natal Massage Review

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Post Natal Massage Singapore Promotion / Trial


3 Sessions  —————————————— $255

6 Sessions + 1 Free Session ———————– $540

10 Sessions + 2 Free Session ———————– $900

Available Add Ons:
+ HOME VISIT ($38)

When to start Post Natal Massage?

Normal Delivery : 5 – 7 days after childbirth

C-section Delivery : 3 weeks to 1 month after childbirth

Premature Delivery : Same as normal delivery or C-section.

Can Shower After Postnatal Massage?

For all massages, whether postnatal or not, it is recommended to wait a least 2 hours before showering.

For Postnatal massage especially with tummy binding, please refrain from showering at least 6 hours after the massage. It is ok to shower before the massage.


How often should I do Postnatal Massage

How often to do postnatal massage will mainly depend on your desired outcome and budget. The more sessions you undergo, the more beneficial it is.

It is advised that you get your postnatal massages done once a week in order to gain the most benefit from them.


Is Post Natal Massage Painful?

Postnatal massage Singapore is a very relaxing treatment with no pain at all. It has many benefits for both your mental and physical health. Expect to recover to pre pregnancy conditions faster with regular massages.

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