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Established in 1987, Theresa Beauty started out in Ang Mo Kio with its first outlet and expanded to other outlets islandwide. Theresa Body Skin Wellness started out with humble beginnings and through our team of experienced aestheticians, we have established the brand as a household name with the support of our loyal customers and team members.



At our core, we’re driven by a mission to redefine the standards of aesthetic care and holistic wellness. Our aim is clear: to emerge as Singapore’s foremost aesthetic medical group, not just through cutting-edge treatments, but by infusing every interaction with genuine, heartfelt service.

We aspire to create an environment where our employees thrive, finding fulfillment and purpose in their work. By nurturing their talents and providing growth opportunities, we empower them to be their best selves, fostering a culture of care and dedication.

Equally, our commitment extends to our cherished customers. We strive to be more than a medical group; we’re partners in their journey towards greater wellness and confidence. Our treatments aren’t just about enhancing appearances; they’re about unlocking the potential for a fuller, more vibrant life.



Our corporate vision at our holistic medical group is to perceive each customer as a seed of potential beauty. Just as seeds unite to form the radiant petals of a blossoming flower, we envision our role at Theresa as nurturing and unveiling the inherent beauty within every individual.

We see ourselves as cultivators, tending to these seeds of potential, providing the care, expertise, and personalized treatments needed to reveal the exquisite beauty waiting to bloom. Our commitment is not just to enhance appearances but to embrace and empower the unique essence within.

Our vision is rooted in the idea that each person carries within them the promise of a stunning transformation. Through our expertise and genuine care, we aim to guide and assist in the journey towards unveiling their true, fabulous shape.

Business Hours
Mon- Fri: 10am- 9pm Sat/ Sun & PH: 10am- 7pm
Hougang Central, Blk 806 #01-152,
Tel: 6386 2322
10 Tampines Central 1,#04-35,
Tel: 6782 2777

Clementi (COSMO)
Clementi Central, Blk 443 #02-65/67,
Tel: 6776 8663

Toa Payoh (COSMO)
Toa Payoh Central, Blk 177 #01-134,
Tel: 6354 1911

Theresa Holdings is a pioneering holistic medical group specializing in cutting-edge aesthetic care and wellness solutions. As a premier holding company, we oversee and elevate two distinguished brands within our portfolio: Bio Aesthetic, renowned for its bespoke, personalized approach, and Cosmo Aesthetic, synonymous with premium, sophisticated treatments.

At Theresa Holdings, we curate an extensive array of aesthetic treatments designed to enhance and rejuvenate. Our comprehensive offerings span across bespoke aesthetic procedures, advanced clinic treatments, and luxurious massage therapies, meticulously crafted to cater to individual preferences and needs.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, our expert team merges science, artistry, and personalized care to deliver unparalleled results. We prioritize holistic well-being, offering a harmonious blend of modern technology and ancient healing practices, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive care that nurtures both body and spirit.

Through our brands, Bio Aesthetic and Cosmo Aesthetic, we embody a philosophy of empowerment, empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty and wellness journeys with confidence. At Theresa Holdings, we set the benchmark for transformative experiences, where aesthetics meet wellness in a realm of sophistication and innovation.

Founder & Management

Theresa Holdings originated from a seed of passion planted by Mdm Theresa Ong, a visionary in the realm of holistic wellness and transformative aesthetics. With a modest two-bed salon in Ang Mo Kio, she set the cornerstone for an empire that would redefine beauty and well-being in Singapore.

Mdm Theresa Ong’s founding philosophy was simple yet profound: harmonize holistic treatments with clinical precision to unlock the full spectrum of beauty and wellness.

The baton of leadership of Theresa Holding transitioned gracefully to Mdm Ong’s children, Ken Koh and Sandra Koh. Their commitment to innovation and a customer-centric approach propelled Theresa Holdings to ascend to unprecedented heights.

From this ethos, Bio Aesthetic and Cosmo Aesthetic were born. These brands weren’t merely clinics; they were sanctuaries where individuality was celebrated, and aspirations were realized through bespoke and premium aesthetic treatments.

Under Ken and Sandra’s stewardship, Theresa Holdings bloomed, nurturing a dedicated team of 50 individuals across five outlets islandwide. Their collective passion became the cornerstone of the group’s success, fueling a culture centered around holistic care and clinical excellence.


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