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acne sensitive skin specialist singapore theresa beauty

Established in 1987, Theresa Beauty started out in Ang Mo Kio with its first outlet and expanded to other outlets islandwide.

acne sensitive skin specialist singapore theresa beauty

Achieve optimal health, fulfilled life at work through supportive partnerships and genuine service from the heart.

acne sensitive skin specialist singapore theresa beauty

Theresa’s mission to help customers develop a fabulous shape by unveiling the potential beauty within them.

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Why Theresa Beauty?

At Theresa Body Skin Wellness, our secret to slimming and wellness is through a combination of internal and external detoxifying program in co-operation with our facial technology treatments.

With this synergistic approach, we can achieve guaranteed results that are starvation free without any harmful side effects.

Theresa Beauty has also received rave reviews from clients after their treatments in specific areas such as:

acne sensitive skin specialist singapore theresa beauty

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We love to share our Story & Experience
Posted by theresa / Pregnancy / 0 Comments
Hi ya'll! I've always wanted to take a more personal approach to sharing about the challenges of motherhood, balancing a career, managing a business and juggling life in general. I am not an expert in the subject matter, but I hope whatever I share can be of some help to you. Since we are on the circuit breaker lockdown and I finally am not distracted by the daily operations of the business, I can finally take some time to catch up on writing - something that I used to do as a teenager but have not done so in a long time, so forgive me if I am not succinct enough. I've always wanted to write about my pregnancy journey - to remember the 9 months journey with my person who taught me to be a mother. So here goes! #Throwback to December 2017, when I found out I was pregnant. My period is always very on point, worked like a clockwork, so no surprises there when my period was not on time and I went to get tested. Here's a funny story, I planned to tell my husband by "gifting" him the pregnancy test kit. So I kept it in a box for a few days and presented to him. When he took it out he was like "It doesn't say anything :/ " I embarrassed myself as usual and show him this photo instead, haha.   [caption id="attachment_6842" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Week 6 : Food Baby / Real Baby?[/caption]   During my pregnancy, I did not experience any morning sickness at all. For the 1st trimester, I had an aversion to fish and meat. So I mostly had vegetables for most of my meals. I felt sleepy ALL THE TIME. I pretty much spent most of the day sleeping or resting because I simply cannot function properly at all. I began taking care of the skin on my abdomen from this point onwards. Every day, I began to apply Stretch Firm Cream from Juliette Armand day and night. I applied it liberally on my tummy and love handles area as well as my thigh area.   [caption id="attachment_6843" align="aligncenter" width="295"] Went on a Halong Bay day trip with friends[/caption]   2nd trimester was the period when I felt the best. I was more alert, had higher energy and felt like I was functioning like normal. During this period, I made a few trips, went to China to visit some relatives and drove up frequently to Malaysia to meet clients too. We also joined a group of friends for a short trip to Hanoi for some fun. The wives decided to go for a massage while the guys went to try out some craft beer. So while I was at the spa, I realised that it was not easy looking for a good pre natal massage. They either were hesitant in servicing pregnant women or the massage was subpar and felt more like a tickle instead. It was rather disappointing. When I came back to Singapore, I wanted to try and see how we can have a proper prenatal massage service in our centers. We went through a rather in depth training program for the prenatal massage with all the massage therapists. Our massage therapists were also sent to learn about Prenatal massage techniques, areas to avoid and areas to focus on as well as contraindications to prenatal treatments. [caption id="attachment_6855" align="aligncenter" width="261"] 2nd trimester baby bump[/caption]   During the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy, I started to get more water retention on my calf and feet. My feet grew a size larger and I had an excuse to go shoe shopping as my regular shoes did not fit anymore! At night, the trips to the bathroom became more and more due to the weight pressing down on my belly. The backaches were getting more strenuous too. It was during this period I started getting more frequent prenatal massage - once a week minimum, if I had more time, two times a week. It helped as I felt more rejuvenated and recharged. [caption id="attachment_6854" align="aligncenter" width="223"] End of 2nd Trimester - Trip to KL[/caption]   My face started to get more swollen. The weight gain also crept up on me. I went from 64KG pre pregnancy to 75 KG at the end of the pregnancy. To be honest I was quite worried about the weight gain, would I ever lose the baby weight? My due date was end of August, less than 2 week after my own birthday. The last month of pregnancy was the most challenging, I started to feel tired again, and on top of it, the frequent bathroom visits in the middle of the night did not help at all. It's kinda nature's way to get mothers used to babies waking up in the middle of the night.     Celebrating my birthday! Last date night with my husband for the time being. I kept very active till the very end tail end of my pregnancy. I did not stop working and just continued with my work and exercise.   Last meet up with my friend and last long walk before I gave birth. Baby bump in full glory. What I felt very helpful was to don't stop your daily activities before you give birth. Continue to stay active, take care of yourself, sleep as much as you want (because you won't get much sleep from the moment you give birth) and enjoy the process.         Granted, pregnancy is not easy, it's also not the most physically enjoyable process, however it is a blessing. Before getting pregnant myself, I did not understand why people 'congratulate' a person when they got pregnant. I thought it was easy for people to get pregnant as you see 'accidental' pregnancy being very common. However the fact is, and I tell many of my married friends who are planning not to get pregnant at the time being that, yes, you have to be ready to become a parent. However, don't assume that getting pregnant is a smooth sailing process and that it is easy. Sometimes, the more you want it to happen, it simply does not. So yes, when people congratulate you for getting pregnant, it is a miracle and do not take that for granted.   Thank you for reading my story and I hope to share more with you all on pregnancy, motherhood and self love! Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe and stay healthy and Happy Mothers Day to all Mummies!   XOXO Sandra.K    
Posted by theresa / Beauty TIps / 0 Comments
MEET THE SIBLING TEAM BEHIND THERESA BEAUTY, THE  ‘MULTI AWARD WINNING BEAUTY CENTRE’ Theresa Beauty celebrates #NationalSiblingDay interviewing the 2nd Generation sibling bosses, Sandra & Ken. Taking over a family business with a history of over 30 years is no easy task. We had a heart to heart chat on what it’s like working together, from their growing up years and to how they managed without tearing each other’s hair out (not yet)! Let’s be honest, working in the family business can be very frustrating sometimes – often time, many arguments can arise due to differences in opinions. Let’s dive into the life of Sandra & Ken and find out how they make it work. Theresa Beauty is now one of the leading beauty centre in Singapore, consistently winning awards on the services. The success of the business is attributed to providing quality treatments & luxurious environment at affordable prices. As a result, Theresa Beauty has over 500 five stars reviews for their quality service. Learn more about their journey below: Q: When did you both start working together? Would you say it’s through an active decision making? Or simply “the right thing to do” because it’s a family business? Sandra: Ken came in after I’ve been in the company for around 5 years. I don’t think it was an active decision made. However, at that point of time I needed extra help with our company’s expansion and he was also exploring the idea of leaving his job at the bank. Ken: I was starting to feel unfulfilled at my job in the bank due to constant pressure to hard sell products, my parents were also hinting that my sister may need an extra pair of hands. I then took the leap and joined the family business.   Q: How has your dynamic as brother and sister boosted your work relationship and business? Sandra: I feel happier actually! (laughs) I like having a best friend at work and thankfully, we do work well as a team. We both take care of different areas at work so we do not overstep one another’s domains, I think that is important – to give each other the due respect at work. Ken: It is crucial to have someone on the same frequency at work, so that you can bounce ideas off each other. We are neither shy nor afraid to point out our flaws in order to constantly improve on the go. I think working together has definitely brought us closer (fingers crossed, it’s not just me).   “Interestingly enough, we’e never had any huge conflicts. We have disagreements for sure, but I think we’ve always reached an agreement together as a team.   Q: Do you think your younger selves would be surprised that you work together now? Sandra: Not surprising at all! We were always very close as kids, and even as adults, we are tight. Despite sharing the same group of friends, we would still hang out occasionally outside of work (just the two of us). For a drink or two to destress. Ken: Working together was definitely a possibility since it is a family business. I’ve always had other aspirations before this, so I’m glad that I’ve managed to fulfil some of them, gaining sufficient experience before joining forces with Sandra.   Q: Let’s be honest, we’ve always heard about the conflicts that families go through when it comes to businesses. What’s the biggest conflict and how did you deal with it? Sandra: Interestingly enough, we’e never had any huge conflicts. We have disagreements for sure, but I think we’ve always reached an agreement together as a team. Ken: Trivial disputes do arise from time to time, due to differences in opinions. However, nothing massive like those you see in dramas. One thing that I always keep in mind is that we share the same goal, so she has my best interests at heart. Hence, we will often find a compromise for us to meet halfway. Q: Having worked together for the past years, what was your biggest takeaway from each other? Sandra: I’m still trying to learn how to be more emotionally detached from work like Ken. I think he does that very well and he is more positive than me. He is the type of person who sees a “glass half full” and I admire that about him. Ken: Sandra is very knowledgeable in the beauty and aesthetic industry; both in products and technology. It’s been her passion since young and the insights that she has gained throughout the years as a relentless learner has made her on par with industry leaders and even doctors (if I would say so myself). It is something that I would want to learn from and improve on. Q: Do you have any advice for siblings who are thinking of working with each other? Sandra: Try it only if you have a good foundation for your relationship! Ken: Always listen before replying. “Respect & patience” is the key.   Q: Tell your sibling something you’ve never told them. Go ahead, be mushy, it’s International Siblings Day! Sandra: I appreciate you and I’m proud of you! Ken: …I don’t do mushy.   “Siblings- the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” – Byron Pulsifer Have a Happy Siblings Day! Regards, Theresa Beauty Team

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