Thermo-lipolysis (Cellulite Slimming)
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Reduce Cellulite | Fat Reduction | Stimulate Metabolism


Up to 1400 Calories Burnt In One Hour

The Bio Thermo Lipolysis is an Infrared Body Wrap System that is non-invasive treatment to help reduce cellulite and effectively supports fat reduction in your body. This treatment makes use of both long and short infrared rays to make the treatment a lot more effective. The infrared rays penetrate into the deeper fat tissue to:

  1. Stimulating your metabolism while also improving circulation
  2. Increase in the core body temperature to further stimulates the metabolism and boosts the calorie-burning process.
  3.  Tone, tighten, and improve the texture and appearance of your skin.
  4. Improve cellulite ripples and dimples

During the treatment, six flexible and wide silicone bandages are used for targeting specific body parts.




Treatment Time 60 mins
Recommended Sessions Depending on Fats Ratio
Recommended Intervals Every 2 Weeks
Recovery Time Minimal – Same day
Fats Burning Up to 1400 calories/hour


Thermo- Lipolysis

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Medically proven to effectively eliminate Cellulite & Calories  

  •     Up to 1,900 calories burned in one session
  •    No Gender restriction
  •     Increased metabolism for up to 36 hours following each session
  •     Improved appearance of cellulite
  •    Detoxification & Body contouring

Thermo-Lipolysis is an amazing treatment for anyone trying to lose weight, improve body shape, elevate the immune system, or relieve pain.


Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 4.33.31 PM
Step 1

Locate areas to eliminate fats

Locate & Target areas of fats that are resistant to diet & exercise.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 5.00.24 PM
Step 2

Vacuum fats into Freezing Panel

The cooling panels will focus on the targeted area. A vacuum suction will draw the fats and begin the Cryolipolysis process.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 5.05.05 PM
Step 3

Freeze Fats

Freeze your fat cells at temperature -5 to -10 degrees celcius  leaving other tissues like skin, blood vessels and nerves unharmed. The temperature is constantly regulated to ensure the it doesn’t burn the skin.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 5.06.40 PM
Step 4

Naturally metabolise fats

The crystallised fat cells will gradually be naturally metabolised by the immune system over the next 3 month.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 5.07.46 PM
Step 5

Permanently eliminate fats

Fat cells targeted will permanently eliminated. Process should be repeated every 2-3 weeks for maximum results.


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Reduces stress levels to enable better well-being, for better sleep, increase in energy and better concentration.

tcm meridian massage

Relieves pain and body stiffness by releasing endorphins which acts as a natural pain relief.

tcm meridian massage

It increases and improves blood circulation to the body, strengthening and supporting the body in its own healing process.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

“I was sceptical at first when a close friend of mine suggested that I should try a Medi-peel facial to solve my Acne issues. Since after all, it could be a sales pitch. I decided to give it a shot anyway and to my surprise, the results were astonishing.”

“I’ve suffered from Acne for the longest time and I was in dire need of help. I went to many places to seek help with no lasting results that can really treat my condition. I went through a few courses of treatments with the Medipeel and can see that my acne has reduced significantly. Most importantly, they do not squeeze my acne all over and just treat the acne with the peel. It did wonders for me and I feel a lot more confident about myself.”

“I had acne since giving birth to my daughter and gradually became worse over time. I decided that it has to stop before I became someone my daughter couldn’t recognise. I also wanted my Husband to have a gorgeous looking Wife. I feel that the Medi Peel treatment has done its job in doing just that.”


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Yes, you most definitely need to. Regular exercise and healthy eating is the core of a healthy image. In fact we recommend regular exercise and healthy eating over the use of Fat Freeze to lose weight.

However, due to the busy schedules of many people, they do not get sufficient time to exercise enough to lose the stubborn fats, therefore Fat Freeze is recommended as a perfect solution to assist in your weight loss journey. While Fat Freezing is a non surgical alternative to liposuction, we do not recommend it as a sole weight loss solution for people who are obese.

If you have any unwanted fats you want to get rid of, you are a definite suitable candidate for Fat Freeze. Be it small bulges, love handles to flabby arms, do consider fat freeze at a treatment plan. There are different cup sizes to treat areas small & large.

We do not recommend Fat Freeze to pregnant ladies.

Fat Freeze is a non-invasive, no downtime, no needles, no scars & no surgery treatment that will permanently eliminate the fat cells under our skin by freezing the fat cells from outside your body.

It really depends which body part are you targeting at, also the percentage of fats in the particular area. As different individuals have different standards, we need to find out what is your desired body shape & overall expectations. Similarly to going to the gym, if you consistently follow our regime, results is definitely visible.

Click here for a free consultation with our Medical Advisor to understand more.

The recommended waiting time is 3 months for maximum effect. However many patients will see visible result as fast as 3 weeks. It varies between individuals.

Many people often compare the pain level to be a “pull & tug” feel. It is a very minimal pain even for those with low pain tolerance. Patients usually can continue reading or use their phone without any discomfort.

The downtime is very minimal. There will be a slight sore feeling after the procedure, however you can continue your normal activities immediately after the treatment. We always have a medical consultant available if you feel more discomfort.

The only side effects will be minor bruising after the procedure. The bruising will last about 4 – 7 days depending on individuals.


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