Jasmine - Lost 12kg

As a mother of two, Jasmine found it hard to have control on her weight. Her confidence levels were also damaged due to unsightly stretch-marks and flabby skin on her tummy. With each passing day, Jasmine began to blame her lack of discipline instead of accepting the reality of “mother” nature. She was easily agitated and often vented her frustration on her family, causing tension with her husband.

Fortunately, Jasmine was aware of her situation and wanted to do something positive to improve her state. Through a friend’s recommendation, she went ahead with the Post Natal Organic Shape Return Treatment. In just 3 months, Jasmine successfully lost 12kg and is looking fabulous today – just like before she got pregnant.

Jin Yin Ji

Jin Yin Ji (MediaCorp Artiste) loves good food and spends many late nights filming. This caused her weight to balloon at one point in her life. She has since became an ardent fan of Theresa Organic Raspberry Treatment as an effort to stay presentable on screen. The treatment’s signature Total Wellness Approach has effectively helped her detox, manage her weight, and keep her skin radiant and tight. At the age of 60, she is still able to look great and have so much energy, all thanks to Theresa Beauty treatments. Jin Yin Ji feels that she is able to shine even when surrounded by superstars!.

Gloria - Lost 12kg

Gloria depended on slimming pills and other forms of slimming products to reduce her weight for the past 3 years. At the start, she used to experience mood swing and anxiety that caused her sleepless nights. Gradually, with all the side effects taking their tolls, her work performance also deteriorated. And instead of losing weight, Gloria put on more than before which further upset her.

One day, she chanced upon our website and came to know of Theresa Organic Detox Slimming, and its healthy way of works. Immediately, she went to our Wellness Center at Orchard Midpoint where a specialist attended to her weight concerns. After a consultation, Gloria decided to go ahead with the Organic Slimming Program. Within 3 months of intensive treatment, she managed to lose a substantial amount of weight, achieving her ideal figure, slim enough to fit into tight fitted clothes! Up till today, Gloria still visits us for Weight Maintenance Programs and other facial services.


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