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Theresa Beauty celebrates #NationalSiblingDay interviewing the 2nd Generation sibling bosses, Sandra & Ken. Taking over a family business with a history of over 30 years is no easy task. We had a heart to heart chat on what it’s like working together, from their growing up years and to how they managed without tearing each other’s hair out (not yet)!

Let’s be honest, working in the family business can be very frustrating sometimes – often time, many arguments can arise due to differences in opinions. Let’s dive into the life of Sandra & Ken and find out how they make it work.

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Learn more about their journey below:

Q: When did you both start working together? Would you say it’s through an active decision making? Or simply “the right thing to do” because it’s a family business?

Sandra: Ken came in after I’ve been in the company for around 5 years. I don’t think it was an active decision made. However, at that point of time I needed extra help with our company’s expansion and he was also exploring the idea of leaving his job at the bank.

Ken: I was starting to feel unfulfilled at my job in the bank due to constant pressure to hard sell products, my parents were also hinting that my sister may need an extra pair of hands. I then took the leap and joined the family business.


Q: How has your dynamic as brother and sister boosted your work relationship and business?

Sandra: I feel happier actually! (laughs) I like having a best friend at work and thankfully, we do work well as a team. We both take care of different areas at work so we do not overstep one another’s domains, I think that is important – to give each other the due respect at work.

Ken: It is crucial to have someone on the same frequency at work, so that you can bounce ideas off each other. We are neither shy nor afraid to point out our flaws in order to constantly improve on the go. I think working together has definitely brought us closer (fingers crossed, it’s not just me).


“Interestingly enough, we’e never had any huge conflicts. We have disagreements for sure, but I think we’ve always reached an agreement together as a team.


Q: Do you think your younger selves would be surprised that you work together now?

Sandra: Not surprising at all! We were always very close as kids, and even as adults, we are tight. Despite sharing the same group of friends, we would still hang out occasionally outside of work (just the two of us). For a drink or two to destress.

Ken: Working together was definitely a possibility since it is a family business. I’ve always had other aspirations before this, so I’m glad that I’ve managed to fulfil some of them, gaining sufficient experience before joining forces with Sandra.


Q: Let’s be honest, we’ve always heard about the conflicts that families go through when it comes to businesses. What’s the biggest conflict and how did you deal with it?

Sandra: Interestingly enough, we’e never had any huge conflicts. We have disagreements for sure, but I think we’ve always reached an agreement together as a team.

Ken: Trivial disputes do arise from time to time, due to differences in opinions. However, nothing massive like those you see in dramas. One thing that I always keep in mind is that we share the same goal, so she has my best interests at heart. Hence, we will often find a compromise for us to meet halfway.

Q: Having worked together for the past years, what was your biggest takeaway from each other?

Sandra: I’m still trying to learn how to be more emotionally detached from work like Ken. I think he does that very well and he is more positive than me. He is the type of person who sees a “glass half full” and I admire that about him.

Ken: Sandra is very knowledgeable in the beauty and aesthetic industry; both in products and technology. It’s been her passion since young and the insights that she has gained throughout the years as a relentless learner has made her on par with industry leaders and even doctors (if I would say so myself). It is something that I would want to learn from and improve on.

Q: Do you have any advice for siblings who are thinking of working with each other?

Sandra: Try it only if you have a good foundation for your relationship!

Ken: Always listen before replying. “Respect & patience” is the key.


Q: Tell your sibling something you’ve never told them. Go ahead, be mushy, it’s International Siblings Day!

Sandra: I appreciate you and I’m proud of you!

Ken…I don’t do mushy.


“Siblings- the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” – Byron Pulsifer

Have a Happy Siblings Day!


Theresa Beauty Team

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